Goodbye to our dear Customers!

Interbulk AS was started in 1993 by Bernt Iversen, who has been in the business of manufacturing metal Intermediate Bulk Containers since 1971.

Since 1996, we have represented numerous European suppliers of bulk materials handling and processing equipment in the Nordic countries,
Thielmann Ucon being the major supplier.

As from December 2020, Bernt Iversen has retired and Interbulk has closed its business.

The Thielmann UCON agency in Scandinavia has now been taken over by the Danish-Swedish company Mespo AB.

Your new contact person for Thielmann UCON products will be Anders Fridmann, +46 70 833 6646,

We sincerely thank all our Customers during the years for a pleasant business relationship, and wish you all a bright future!


IBCs carrying chemicals for tank cleaning onboard chemical parcel tankers

IBCs for feeding tablet presses in the pharmaceutical industry

Cone valve IBCs for handling and batch dosing of additives

Cone valve IBCs carrying 3,8 tons each of atomized stainless steel powder


IBC tumble blender with 4 tons capacity

Batch dosing and drum filling plant for atomized stainless steel powder

IBCs for transport and storage of recycled heavy metals

Fully automatic additive dosing and blending line in the metal powder industry

2.000 ltr cone valve IBCs for nickel and cadmium mass

IBC for high viscous milk products

Double walled IBC for helicopter fuel

IBC with jacket for water heating or cooling